You may be asking yourself, “How can I have a baby when I’m still in school?” No one feels ready to become a parent and that’s normal. Know that it is possible to be in school and parent. Give yourself time to process the news and talk to someone you trust. You are not alone in this decision-making process. At Options Pregnancy Center, our coaches are here to talk with you about all your questions and concerns.

Can I Raise a Child as a Student?

There are a million questions running through your head as you navigate your pregnancy options. You may wonder…

  • “How can I complete school?”
  • “Will anyone support me?”
  •  What about all my plans after school?”
  • “How do I tell my partner and my family?”
  • “What resources are available to me?”
  • “Should I think about adoption?”

Sometimes life brings curveballs and we learn to go with them. Talk to someone you know, whether a parent, friend or mentor about your questions as well. It’s nice to let someone in on your process, even if you feel embarrassed at first. Many young women have walked through a similar journey and have succeeded in life.

Know Your Options

You deserve to know all your pregnancy options to make a confident decision. First, confirm your pregnancy through lab-quality grade pregnancy testing and ultrasound if you haven’t already. Once you verify your pregnancy, we can sit down with you and talk options. You have three options: abortion, adoption, or parenting. Ultimately the decision is up to you, but we are here to give you the information you need.

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